FAST develops projects on the intersection between architecture and politics, culture and human rights. 

With FAST projects, we research, expose, generate multidisciplinary platforms of knowledge and offer planning and architecture alternatives to improve people’s living environment. 

Since 2002 FAST has developed many projects with different formats  such as magazines, books, masterplans, architecture competitions, public events, design and construction of installations indoors and outdoors etc. and in various locations: Israel, Palestine, the Middle East, the South Caucasus, the Balkans and the Netherlands. 

FAST work is published widely from local media (newspaper, TV and radio) to professional magazines (Volume, Abitare, Domus, Frame etc.), and is exhibited in various venues, such as, art and architecture (Venice, Rotterdam) biennials, or the EU parliament. It was presented in range of venus, such as the Storfront for Art and Architecture in NY, MoMA, in Berkley, Princeton University, Cooper Union, ETH Zurich, TU Delft, Aachen, Bezalel, Rietveld Academy, Architecture Academy in Amsterdam  etc.

Projects (selection)

Where is Israel (2012)

ZOO, or the lette Z, just After Zionism (2011-12)

Occupied (2011)

One Land Two Systems magazine (2004-5)

The magazine explores the relations between planning and politics in Israel and Palestine.

+ Atlas of the Conflict, Israel-Palestine (2002-2010)

The Atlas shows our 10 year research on the transformation of the Israeli/Palestinian territory in the past hundred years.

A research and a publication A book. 

+ Territoria (2002)

FAST’s first research into the territorial aspect of the Israeli Palestinian conflict is a unique collection of articles and especially-made maps that exposes the relations between planning and politics. 

A research and a publication, exhibited at the 2002 Venice Architecture Biennial.

+ Borders (2002-2010)

An ongoing study, on the relations between Nation building, borders, destruction and displacement in the South Caucasus, the Balkans and the Middle East.

Research, mapping, series of publications and exhibitions.

+ One Land Two Systems and Platform Paradise (2004-2008)

A four years pilot project that took place both in Ein Hawd and in the Netherlands. It aimed at developing new methodologies to expose and counter unjust planning policies. 

The project was a huge success and consisted of many phases. Each introduced a new way of dealing with architecture, activism, art, design and politics, such as public events, exhibitions, publications, workshops, alternative plans and masterplans, local and international lobby. 
For the project overview go to 

+ Designing a refugee camp (2004-5)


One cannot discuss the territorial conflict without mentioning the mass-displacement and the Palestinian refugees. This project also reflects and challenges the UN regulations for the design of refugee camps. 

A study and a workshop, in collaboration with Carel weeber and the architecture faculty in Jerusalem.

+ Archive of displacement (2004-7) 

The cleansing of the Negev, in the south of Israel, started around 1948 and still going on. These testimonies describes the destruction and displacement of the communities of Atir and Um El Hiran.

A research, mapping and documenting through films and interviews, the on going displacement of Bedouins in the south of Israel. Made in collaboration with Alwine van Heemstra.

+ Highway #6 (2004) 

This project researches, together with Edo Amin, Road #6, the only private tall-road in Israel. It runs along the Green Line and is used as a surveillance belt. It is attached to the Wall and determines its height
+ Reconstruction of Memory (2006) 

Challenging the politically charged practice of cultural heritage, from Lifta, the ’48 ruins of a Palestinian village in Israel, to UNESCO.

A symposium, exhibitions (including at the EU parliament building in Brussels and at the Venice art biennial and ‘le muur’ in Paris), a blog and publications. 

+ FAST maps UNESCO, Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan and Iraq(2007-8) 

A mapping study on the relations between design politics and its impact on the surroundings, published in various magazines.

+ Hotel Abkhazia (2007-8) 

A study on the relations between border transformation and displacement, Tbilisi, Georgia. Published in various magazines, exhibited in the Rotterdam Architecture Biennial.

+ Oxidized City (2007) 

A study on the left over of Soviet industrial infrastructure in the post-Soviet countries in its impact on the surroundings.

+ Green Zone Red Zone (2008) 

A study on the impact of emergency regulations, which were created by the Bush administration and adopted by the EU, on the day-to-day life in The Hague, at various alert levels. 

An exhibition and a publication.

+ Nomads in the Netherlands, Amsterdam West (2007-8)


A study on policies of segregation in the Netherlands, focusing on Amsterdam West.

+ The New Map of Tbilisi (2006-9) 

An interlinked study on privatization and displacement in Tbilisi, Georgia.
The development of an online mapping software, a survey, spatial research, series of exhibitions, publication and awareness raising events. The project was exhibited during the 2009 Rotterdam biennial.

+ Warfare vs Welfare
(2010-11) A project on the transformation of army and aid agencies bases into civic infrastructure.

+ The Almere Plot
(2010-11) A plot, tale, on the conflicting relations between Amsterdam and Almere.

Exhibitions (selection)
Never on Sunday Tbilisi 2009 - Rotterdam Biennale NAi 2009 - Le Mur Paris 2009 - Venice Biennale Italian Pavilion 2008 - One Land and Platform Paradise Ein Hawd 2008 - European Parliament Brussels 2008 - Rotterdam Biennale NAi 2007 - Mediamatic Amsterdam 2005 - Venice Biennale Israeli Pavilion 2002

Publications, Researches and Workshops
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For further information on our projects, and on our work, please contact us: info[at]seamlessterritory.orghttp://www.atlasoftheconflict.com
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