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Foreword by Guus Beumer


The architecture of UN peacekeeping missions by Malkit Shoshan

  • Curatorial Statement
  • A visit to the UN archive
  • The historical evolution of UN peacekeeping missions
  • From an Island to a Catalyst
  • Camp Castor
  • A field trip to Mali



Bandiagra: A Town on the Border of Azawad by Peter Chilson

Cities in the Desert a conversation with Moussa Ag Assarid

African Nomadic Architecture Impressions from Labelle Prussin 

Circles Quotations of Aldo van Eyck 

Brick by The Dogon Foundation

The Knife Cuts Two Ways by Rob de Vos

The road with no name by Marion de Vos 

New World Embassy: Azawad by Moussa Ag Assarid and Jonas Staal

Age of Experimentation by Marcel Rot

Shopping for the Surreal by Travis Bunt

Among Soldiers by Arnon Grunberg

Past Lives by David Turnbull


Design for Legacy

Four Steps for Sharing Space by Malkit Shoshan

Speculative financial and socio-economic model for evaluating and enhancing international peacekeeping missions by Joel van der Beek

Designing for Legacy: an anthropological perspective by Erella Grassiani

A Green Strategy for BLUE : Food and ecological security through ‘Deeply Green Urban Agriculture’ by Debra Solomon 


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