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Sustaining Peace in an Urbanizing World

Sustaining Peace in an Urbanizing World is a long-term multidisciplinary effort to investigate opportunities for sustaining peace in urban environments that are outside the traditional toolbox of peace-making, peace-keeping and peace-building .

Sustaining Peace in an Urbanizing World is a collaborative project between FAST, Terreform, the NYU Center for International Cooperation (CIC) and with the support of UN agencies.

The Dutch FM Koenders hosts BLUE event at UN

BLUE: ISLANDS IN CITIES was presented at the UN on January 26th, 2016. Below are photos of the presentation and the exhibition.
The photos are in courtesy of the Dutch Mission to the UN.

The CIF approved 2 new grants to support the continuation of our projects

We are pleased to announce that we have received to new grants from the Creative Industries Fund. These grants will allow us to continue two of our projects:

Architecture of Securities, our collaborative project with Studio-X Global

Camps, prisons and compounds; airports and embassies; faraday shields, drone geographies or domestic retreats. What is architecture’s role in the construction of contemporary security apparatus?

First public presentation of Drones & Honeycombs

drone salone smallDrones & Honeycombs is a project developed with The New Institute in Rotterdam. It aims to increase understanding of civil and public space in times of war and reconstruction as well as far-reaching technological and social change. It also spotlights and examines the ethical and moral issues that accompany these developments. The Netherlands is famous for its professional design practice, both small- and large-scale. It is also known for its humanitarian missions and investments in development projects around the world. In recent decades, concepts of war and peace, which divided the world into war zones and the civilian world – the ballroom and the battlefield – has fallen apart, or rather unified. War has become part of public space.

Impression of the first compound workshop

As peacekeeping missions continue to multiply, representatives of the Dutch Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, plus experts from other fields, come together to discuss their inevitable physical manifestation: the mission compound. So often in the past a major inconvenience for local populations, could compounds of the future hold they key to improved development and diplomatic efforts?

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