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“Architecture of Peace” at Harvard GSD

We live in an increasingly unstable world, where internal conflicts have become increasingly internationalized, sectarian violence ravages cities and communities, and terrorist threats impact daily routines. This has lead to millions of destroyed homes, conditions of rampant distrust and fear, an unprecedented number of refugees, and the expansion of missions and initiatives for peace. Propelled by this context to critical engagement, this course aims to identify opportunities and challenges to design for peace.

“Architecture of Peace” at Harvard GSD ends with a passionate and substantial discussion on some of the most pertinent challenges of our time with Diane Davis, Sandi Hilal, Rosseta Elkin, Pham Phuong, Deen Sharp, Malkit Shoshan, Gizem Sucuoglu, Delia Wendel and a wonderful group of students.

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Final Reviews Visiting Critic Studio: Design for Legacy

Please join the final reviews of ‘Design for Legacy’ studio by Malkit Shoshan at The School of Architecture in Syracuse University.

The studio aims at researching the architecture and landscape of UN peacekeeping operations, and at developing design interventions on the intersection between the UN compound and the city.


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