Supreme Court Allows State to Replace Bedouin Village With Jewish One Court rules that Umm al-Hiran in the northern Negev is built on state land, paving way for construction of Jewish community of Hiran.

In 2005 and 2006, we have documented the planning and governmental processes behind the destruction of the Beduin livelihood in the Neqab, South of Israel.

We have also collected testimonies from the local inhabitants that described how it is to live in an unrecognized village and suffer from a constant threat of displacement.

Eventually, this year the Israeli Supreme Court approved the permanent destruction of Atir and Um El-Hiran. Its inhabitant removed to a concentration town, and new Jewish one is being constructed instead.

To view the strategic Israeli master-plan for the removal of the Unrecognized villages in the South, the plans of the new Jewish town and to hear some of the testimonies we gathered please visit our page: Archive of Displacement.

To read the Haaretz recent news item on the Supreme Court decision