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New essay: The First Top-Down Palestinian City

ZOO in Frame Magazine: Animal Magnetism by Jane Szita


Where is Israel?

Where is Israel? is a project that maps and tells stories about the israeli presence and interests around the world. The project explores non territorial condition of statehood.

The Dutch Identity? The Power of Now

Atlas of the Conflict, Israel-Palestine in Almere countering cultural (budget) cuts in the Netherlands!

This month, Atlas of the Conflict, Israel-Palestine by Malkit Shoshan will be exhibited at the Museum De Paviljones in Almere. It is part of a group show: The Dutch Identity? The Power of Now Opening: 6 Oct and will be exhibited until 4 March

Read more: http://www.depaviljoens.nl/index.php

A book review by we make money not art

he Atlas of the Conflict maps the processes and mechanisms behind the shaping of Israel-Palestine over the past 100 years. Over 500 maps and diagrams provide a detailed territorial analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, explored through themes such as borders, settlements, land ownership, archaeological and cultural heritage sites, control of natural resources, landscaping, wars and treaties. A lexicon, drawing on many different information sources, provides a commentary on the conflict from various perspectives. As a whole, the book offers insights not only into the specific situation of Israel-Palestine, but also into the phenomenon of spatial planning used as a political instrument.

Tbilisi, UrbanCPRme, IABR 2009

The New Map of Tbilisi aims to make transparent planning policy, land deals and its effects on the development of the city such that the government and its citizens will be empowered to create a better and sustainable environment in the short and long run.

Inflating the Golden Heart in Ein Hawd

We have inflated the Golden Heart Pavilion.

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Link to One Land and Platform Paradise

On Reconstruction of Memory: The Politics of Restoration by Micha de Haas

On Sunday 14 May in the Balie in Amsterdam held a conference about the master plan for the village of Lifta, near Jerusalem. The title of the conference was Reconstruction of Memory. Micha de Haas reports.

Planning as Criminal Act, FAST @ Mediamatic

Architecture is often misused for political, economic and social distortions to maintain or increase. For example in the Palestinian village of Ein Hud in Israel.

This exhibition manifesto wanted the audience to clarify this phenomenon on the basis of major criticism.

More at Mediamatic

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