The Drone Salon

Drones move from the battlefield to ‘smart cities’ and to ‘adhocracy’. Drones are aircraft either controlled by ‘pilots’ from the ground or increasingly, autonomously following a pre-programmed mission. They were first developed to give answers to war challenges. However their development and usage is not exclusive to the battlefield. It is quickly being adapted for civic purposes.

In time, drones become smaller, faster, and better accessorized. They can fly alone or in swarms. They are not as expensive, or as big, as airplanes. They are adaptable and can be used differently, from surveillance to monitoring agricultural fields, and wild-life poaching; from carrying bombs, to delivering books and pizza; from targeting and killing individuals to providing medical and first aid assistance.
The fast growing field of drones relates directly to other technological evolutions, such as virtualization and to the use of data in decision-making processes. The fast growing development of drone technology revolutionizes the order of things, it collapses continuity: we move from a society that bases its decision making on prove, to one that bases its decisions on probability. Drones introduce challenges and opportunities both in the war zone and in the public realm.
The drone salon aims to provide a multidisciplinary overview of challenges, opportunities and speculations on future transitions caused by the use of drone technology both in the battlefield and in the civic realm. This seminar, punctuated by demonstrations and presentations, will consist of five conversations between Malkit Shoshan, Ethel Baraona Pohl and experts in the field: lawyers, activists, civic and military drone operators, artists, novelists and designers.
The conversations will bring together multiple views, examples and projects on the spatial effects of the implementation of drones in war and in peace time.
The seminar is part of the ‘Drones and Honeycombs’ project and one of a series of public events on the topic of drones organised in collaboration with Studio-X, Columbia University, DPR-Barcelona, The Center for the study of the Drone in NYC and Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.
Date: 23 May 2014
Time: 10AM-1PM
Location: The New Institute, Rotterdam

For reservations contact  The New Institute