2020 Talks: Fertility

After indefinitely postponing our first 2020 Talk, we have regrouped and are moving the talkonline. While the world seems to be on “pause,” the fight over reproductive rights continues unabated—particularly as some states try to restrict abortion access as a result of the pandemic. Our speakers, who bring different perspectives to reproductive rights, will discuss how advocates continue to tirelessly promote women’s right to a safe and legal abortion.

Malkit Shoshan researches how the control of women’s bodies intersects with efforts at regulating and exploiting nature. She will discuss her recent exhibition at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Love in a Mist, which demonstrated how the fight for reproductive health is intertwined with environmental concerns. Judy Norsigian is a cofounder of Our Bodies Ourselves, a collective that started in Boston in 1969 and which published the seminal text on women’s bodies and health. Today, OBOS advocates on behalf of women for improved healthcare around the world. Norsigian offers the viewpoint of one who has been on the frontlines of the fight for better reproductive health for fifty years.

Link: https://bostonarts.org/event/2020-talks-fertility-2/