Desert Futures: Scenarios for Decolonization will be featured at “It’s About Time” – the International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam 

FAST is excited to exhibit our collaborative research, design project, and agency Desert Futures: Scenarios for Decolonization at The International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam, titled: It’s About Time.

Desert Futures: Scenarios for Decolonization aims to spatialize and make visible the tensions between political systems and natural ecologies in desert environments, as well as human attempts to colonize and commodify the desert by dividing, fortifying, mining, extracting, militarizing, polluting, and foresting it. The project launches with an installation about the Naqab/Negev, Israel, presenting a materialistic historiography of a series of selected sites, detailing their rapid colonization, and offering strategies for their regenerative cohabitation through interwoven stories. 

The Desert Futures: Scenarios for Decolonization project is initiated and led by FAST and includes contributions by Andrew Scheinman, Annette Chan, Cameron Penney, Chen Shoshan, Chloe Levesque, Connor Tamborro, Dana Manstrangelo, Gili Merin, Lior Galili, Malkit Shoshan, Melissa Brady, Natasha Lemire-Waite, Robert Oleksiak and Sarah Fahmy.

Additional information will be made available soon.

Feature image/collage by FAST