Event: Spaces of Solidarity in times of Perpetual Crisis at ICCG 2019, Athens

Please join us to the International Conference of Critical Geography 8th ICCG 2019. In PERMANENT CRISIS? Uneven Development, Everywhere War and Radical Praxis.

Our Panel: Spaces of Solidarity in times of Perpetual Crisis aims at examining community-driven spaces and spatial processes that put forward novel practices of self-organization, commoning and resistance to respond to emergencies created by war, displacement, and the exclusionary management of forced migration. On the intersection of perpetual war, systemic violence and segregation, we aim at sharing experiences of our involvement with communities in Israel/Palestine, Turkey, Jordan, Cyprus and Greece. In doing so, we open up a dialogue about the agency of design in subverting power dynamics and enacting actions of solidarity.


Cristina Ampatzidou
Aestheticized City Rhetoric in Post-2008 Athens

Malkit Shoshan
Spaces of Solidarity and Design Activism

Olga Lafazani
City Plaza Hotel  

Pelin Tan
Threshold Infrastructure: Spaces of Solidarity

Penny Travlou
Sharing is Caring: The Politics of Care for Active Citizenship