FAST is honored to contribute a Keynote on the Architecture, Footprint, and Legacy of UN Peace Operations at the Basel Peace Forum

“Since the end of the Cold War, the United Nations, the European Union, individual states like Switzerland, as well as companies and NGOs have done a great deal to promote peace. Over the years, though, there have been repeated setbacks and previous successes keep being challenged by the latest developments. In the wake of political instabilities and violence in states such as Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria, we believe it is urgent to tackle the theme of peace in new ways.

The Basel Peace Forum, held January 14-15 2018 in Basel, Switzerland, is thus pursuing peace by bringing together experts and decision-makers from politics, business, civil society, and academia. The handpicked participants will provide a unique set of experiences necessary to develop new ideas and thereby make a difference.”

BPO website: The Basel Peace Forum