Join a lecture followed by a discussion on ‘Architecture and Conflict’ at the Institute for Public Knowledge/NYU

The Institute for Public Knowledge invites you to join us for a lunchtime presentation and dialogue with Malkit ShoshanAn architect and critical scholar, Ms. Shoshan’s work is focused on the relationships between architecture, politics, and human rights.

She will present a talk on the theme of Architecture and Conflict, combining three major projects: The Atlas of Conflict: Israel-Palestine, a dynamic visual and topographical analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and winner of the title “most beautiful book in the world”; Village, an exploration of encounters between creative communities (artists, architects, and villagers) in the context of forced displacement; and Drones and Honeycombs, her new research on the architectures and landscapes of UN peacekeeping missions and their impacts on cities in which they occur. After the presentation we invite responses, questions, and conversation from those in attendance.

Friday, November 13
20 Cooper Square
Room 222