“LAND: A Declaration” [embedded tweet, support, and response]

“One might want to propose to burn down the Empire as an act of resistance and dissident, which most likely I’d support.

Burning something down, however, feels not right at this time, if for entirely personal reasons. My parents live in Haifa (Israel). Their house was caught in the line of the fire and burned a few days ago. 

Even though it is entirely possible to polemicize on the relationship between the extraction of fossil fuels and the fires in Haifa, Bruno Latour is probably right to say that the Anthropocene requires action, not hope.

I like to think that between the polemics and Aravena’s male suck-up to existing power the paternalistic posture of the Curator of the Biennale towards existing power structures, there is a more feminine, and maybe even oriental, approach to action that escapes the trap of smallness (and decay).

It is the loving nudging of existing power structures and systems to change, berating their crimes while nurturing the latent potentials and ideals embedded on a human level in these structures and systems.

Design is not only a great communication tool but also an integrator.

It might be that I am wrong in thinking such an approach will bring the drastic change this earth needs; in BLUE we see that it is easier to change the military’s rhetoric than its methods. These days, however, I am not yet ready for a good burn.”

Malkit Shoshan