Module_preview_assemble/reflect 2020. Lecture and workshop program by HyperWerk

“In the module assemble/reflect we want to get to the root of our annual topic kommit to conflict. We are going to ask ourselves: How can social relations be redesigned? It is only through dealing with inner conflicts, such as forms of structural discrimination or exploitative relations between humans and environment, that it will be possible to consciously unlearn them. For the four workshop weeks we have built four thematic clusters. We look forward to welcome great guest teachers and lecturers.”

1 – Reflecting on (kommit to) conflict: «How can we foster forms of charity, of mutual empathy, of collective responsibility and solidarity as a joint practice?»

With online workshops:

With lectures:

2 – Hands-on assemble: «Open spaces for design are emerging in which new realities as well as new ways of relating to each other become possible: We publish, we broadcast, we reflect on language, and we design interventions in public space.»

With online workshops:

3 – Deepen the commitment: «Through recognizing the necessity of listening to voices that contradict the given norms, a potential of differentiation emerges.»

 With reading circles:

4 – Time to commit: «What is it that we commit ourselves to? How do we design time spaces within our everyday life, and what are the various meanings of work to us?»

With online workshop:

  • on Frigga Haug’s 4-1-Perspective by HyperWerk-Alumna Noemi Scheurer with Luzia Schuler