New publication: Art, Design, and the Public Domain Publication Features Class of 2019

The Art, Design, and the Public Domain (ADPD) concentration of the Master in Design Studies program has published a collection of projects by the graduating class of 2019. The booklet features work by Kathryn Abarbanel, Inés Benítez Gómez, Hanna Kim, Je Sung Lee, Eric Moed, Mallory Rukhsana Nezam, Penelope Phylactopoulos, Andrew Scheinman, Mindy Seu, Daniel Shieh, and Alicia Valencia.

According to the publication’s introduction: “The public domain is a space for the assertion and dissemination of human and civil rights. It is a space both digital and physical, open for exchange, confrontation, and collaboration by singular, plural, and collective voices. It allows and encourages public concerns to be addressed and acknowledged as public, no matter how suppressed they may be.” The ADPD concentration is led by the GSD’s Malkit Shoshan and Krzysztof Wodiczko.