Save the date! public presentations and events by FAST

Save the date!


27 Nov  2014 (Rotterdam)

Missions seminar in Het Nieuwe Instituut

The seminar will focus on the physical footprint of global peacekeeping and reconstruction missions.

The seminar is part of Drones and Honeycombs, along term research project on the architecture and landscape of war and peace; and of Warfare and Welfare, Forms of Legacy, a long term research project on the architecture of peacekeeping and reconstruction missions initiated by Malkit Shoshan and done in collaboration with various partners, such as The Nieuwe Instituut, The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Dutch Ministry of Defense, Studio-X, at columbia University, dpr-barcelona and many more partners.

The seminar, will be documented in another long term initiative, the UNMANNED, a publication series co-edited by Malkit Shoshan (FAST) Ethel Baraona (dpr-barcelona) and the Studio-X Global Network, which addresses the possibilities and impact of the security structures and technologies on the built environment. What are the spatial and ethical implications of warfare technology? How can emerging technologies be leveraged to offer alternatives to the spatial assemblage of contemporary power? Can or should architects go beyond the visualization and exposure of the militarization of public space? We seek to unpack these questions through five main topics: Drones; Adhocracy; Retreat; Compounds; and Missions.


30 September, 2014 (Amsterdam)

FAST presentation, from Atlas of the Conflict, to Warfare and Welfare, forms of Legacy. The presentation will be given in the context of the program ‘Design Matters series’ by Jeroen Junte in Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam


23 October, 2014 (Linz)

A presentation in SUPERSTADT! symposium, at the Art University of Linz. The presentation will focus on the ongoing projects ‘Warfare and Welfare, Forms of Legacy’ and ‘Drones and Honeycombs’


4 December, 2014 (Brussels)

A presentation in de Buren, Brussels with Klaas Kuitenbrouwer in the context of 2014-1914: Conflict and Innovation is a series of programmes by Het Nieuwe Instituut (HNi) in Rotterdam. Relationships between innovation and conflict that appeared during WWI are linked here to contemporary issues. On 22 October Malkit Shoshan (founder of the architecture think tank FAST) talks about her Drones & Honeycombs research. Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (programme maker HNi) talks about neutrality as a recurring strategy for Dutch designers, architects and policy makers.