The Foundation

The Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory (FAST) is an Amsterdam- and NY-based architectural think-tank that initiates and develops projects at the intersection of architecture, urban planning, and human rights. FAST uses research, advocacy, and design to promote social, spatial, and environmental justice.

FAST works with policy institutes, UN agencies, NGOs and multidisciplinary experts to develop programs, research methodologies, policy recommendations and alternative imaginaries, to empower local communities and improve livelihood in conflict-affected environments.

Our recent projects include Desert Futures, Love in a Mist and the Politics of Fertility, Border Ecologies, BLUE: The Architecture of UN Peacekeeping Missions, UN Missions in Urban Environments and the Legacy of UNMIL in collaboration with the Center on International Cooperation at NYU and Greening Peacekeeping: The Environmental Impact of UN Peace Operations with the International Peace Institute.

FAST is led by Malkit Shoshan.