The Golden Heart Pavilion – A First Community Building for Ein Hawd

Before 1948, Ein Hawd’s villagers had a public covered space, the diwan, in which local ceremonies were held such as weddings, funerals, parties, and festivals. The original structure was made out of stone arches and was covered with textile.

The Golden Heart Pavilion is the first community structure for Ein Hawd.

The golden heart principles

View from the sky
The Israeli government uses aerial photographs to trace illegal constructions. The heart shape was chosen to intriguing the eyes of the authorities.

Structural references
A flexible and easy structure. It could be inflated in 5 minutes, removed or store quickly.  When inflated it offers  a 90 square meter communal space.

Cultural refrences
Temple mount.

Focusing on reintroducing the Mediterranean landscape, the golden heart has another important function: plantation. The golden heart is surrounded by a blossoming garden. Moving or removing the heart will leave a beautiful garden behind.

The interior space of the pavilion is divided into two main areas: One Land Two Systems exhibition that shows Ein Hawd’s history and future visions, and a salon.

Inflatable design and exhibition curation : Malkit Shoshan
Interior design: Sharif Waked
Construction date: July 2008