We are thrilled to announce that the Netherlands Creative Industries Fund has awarded us a grant to transform our Silver Lion-winning exhibition, “Border Ecologies and the Gaza Strip,” into a book

This collaborative project with the Qudaih family and Mack Books will allow a deeper exploration of daily life in Gaza and significantly expand the reach of our work.

At the core of this project lies our commitment to use our public platform to shed light on Gaza’s plight by sharing untold stories from a community living under siege since 2007 with little hope of change.

Through this book, we seek to create a testament to the resilience and challenges the people of Gaza face. By amplifying their voices and sharing their experiences, our ultimate goal is to inspire the world to recognize the urgent need for action and support in addressing this longstanding crisis.

With the turmoil and radicalization in the region today, the project is even more salient.

Border Ecologies and the Gaza Strip Online

Border Ecologies and the Gaza Strip Venice Biennale