Where is Israel?

A state of a nation

With globalization, the idea of territory as the defining shared element is losing its power. Also, governments are losing autonomy in a vortex of intergovernmental organizations, NGO’s, (social-) networks, and multinational corporations.

If in our nation, being Israeli is a common ground rather than territory, what do we see?

This project tries to de-link the territory from the nation and to decentralize the concept of national power from one place to many places. The new state of Israel, the map, challenges the concept of nationhood.

A State of a Nation
Text: FAST/Malkit Shoshan
Research: FAST/Malkit Shoshan with Laura van Santen
Maps and diagrams: FAST/Malkit Shoshan

Chosen Exile
Text: Nirit Peled with Amir Vodka.
Research and photographs: Nirit Peled

Lexicon edited and mapped by Malkit Shoshan

Photographs by Nirit Peled
Graphic design/ Sandra Kassenaar

The project has been made possible by the generous support of the Netherlands foundation for visual Arts design and Architecture, by the Mondriaan fund, and by The Israeli center for digital Art.