One Land and Platform Paradise

One Land and Platform Paradise are two projects celebrating the rebirth of Ein Hawd, a Palestinian village in Israel.

Resort installation

Following the four-year project, One Land Two Systems, which created a new masterplan for (and with) the unrecognized Palestinian village of Ein Hawd, began with an international architecture and design competition for the development of an alternative master plan for the village. The winners of the competition, a group of architects and designers from France, Germany, and Israel, have joined FAST and the community of Ein Hawd to further develop a sustainable solution for the village.

The plan has now been completed by FAST, to the satisfaction of Ein Hawd’s residents, for whom it is the beginning of making their dreams a reality. It is now being used in negotiation with the authorities to have Ein Hawd fully recognized by the state.

The process, meanwhile, has acted as a model for a new kind of architectural practice based on community, sustainability, and politics.

From August 28th to September 7th, a series of public events and workshops, and spatial, social, and cultural interventions in Ein Hawd finalized the project by making concrete changes in the village and its surroundings through the two programs: ONE LAND and PLATFORM PARADISE.

ONE LAND celebrates the rebirth of Ein Hawd through its new masterplan, the construction of the first community building, and a series of public events and discussions for the community.

PLATFORM PARADISE is an art show commissioned by FAST and curated by Maurizio Bortolotti assisted by Noga Inbar, open from September 1st to 7th, 2008, in Ein Hawd and continues until November 1st.

It includes the following works:

“Appearances” by Berend Strik and Nasreen Abu Al Hayja

“One Land Two Systems” exhibition by FAST

“Waterloo Sunset Pavilion” by Dan Graham

“To Market, the Market” by Debra Solomon

“The Golden Heart Pavilion” by Malkit Shoshan

“Third Landscape” by Map Office

“Today” by Ali Kazma

“The Road Map” by Multiplicity

“Untitled” by Nico Dockx and Helena Sidiropoulos

“Ein Hawd Resort” by One Architecture and Concern

“500 dunam on the moon” by Rachel Jones

“Humus” by Sharif Waked

“Museo Aerosolar” by Tomas Saraceno and Museo Aerosolar

“Merzstrukturen” by Yona Friedman