One Land Two Systems Publication


One Land Two Systems publication is a collection of essays and illustrations aimed at drawing a comprehensive overview of the Israeli-Palestinian territorial conflict. It attempts to contextualize our call for an international architecture competition and support the community of the unrecognized Palestinian village of Ein Hawd by developing participatory planning alternatives that will allow the community to negotiate their civic rights for recognition, prosperity, and equality.

The publication provides an overview of Israel’s discriminatory land regime and includes four parts. The first part examines the history of Ein Hawd and the urgency to support the community in its struggle for recognition and rights. The second provides a brief overview showing how spatial design contributed to the systemic destruction of Palestinian livelihood and the construction of the Israeli one. The third part, in collaboration with Adalah, examines several spatial processes and typologies that emerged along the Negev/Naqab desert, intending to colonize and “Judaize the land and marginalize its indigenous Bedouine community. Through a series of interviews and visuals, the fourth part by Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti depicts how similar colonization and occupation mechanisms operate in the West Bank Occupied Palestinian Territories.